Carl Drogman





Preparation is the key to great results and I pride myself in giving your home or property an exceptional finish. From lobbies and hallways, through to living rooms, communal spaces, to kitchens and bathrooms. I have 25 years’ worth of experience in delivering a quality decorating service. I ensure my customers’ carpets and floors are protected and covered using Correx Floor Protection and I use specialised Mirka and Festool extractors to maintain a tidy environment and minimise dust.

Specialist Wallpaper Hanging

Hanging wallpaper is a craft in of itself, where great care must be taken to avoid costly mistakes. There are many types of wallpaper available, from artisan and custom prints, to rolls of wide vinyl all requiring skill and experience to hang successfully and without mishaps.


In addition to looking smart and tidy, the exterior of your home or property must also endure the wide and varied conditions delivered by our famous British weather. Using the best weather shield products available on the market, I’m able to provide a long-lasting finish that will stand the test of time.  

Sash Window Restoration

The Window Care System is a sustainable method of repairing windows and external timber. It is a quality approved system which extends the life of the paint cycle from 5 to 7 years.